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I will use this space to display my work, give tutorials on how paintings are created, display the events I am taking part in and share the history of my painting.

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Western Boulevard, Nottingham.

Oil on Canvas 100 x 80 ms. Finished painting.

I have been waiting for the paint to dry before the myriad of little touches which ‘finish’ a painting. A little spot of light or a dark blue to help the contrast. A few more leaves and the indication of the cars with their headlights blazing and lighting the road ahead.

Western Boulevard in the early evening with all the beauty of Autumn highlighted by the streetlamps. It is fortuitous that the children’s clothes perfectly complement the trees and fallen leaves.  I will never travel that road again without remembering the joy I have had working on this painting.

The original photograph which both challenged and inspired me.

Western Boulevard, Nottingham

I’m adding lots of detail to the basic colours now. The road is enriched and I pick out some illumination on the window sills on the left. I skip from one part of the painting to the next to sharpen and balance the colours. The telegraph post is a useful vertical in the composition, stopping the eye travelling too quickly into the distance. It is echoed by the more distant lamp post on the right.

Western Boulevard

Quite a big change with the illuminated trees. How much more blue the sky looks now, contrasting with the golden tones of Autumn. Almost all of the canvas is covered now. I am saving the children till much later so that I can concentrate on every part of the painting. I am pleased with the progress so far and I am really enjoying working on a big canvas. ( 100 x 80 cms )

Western Boulevard, Nottingham

The darks on the right hand side go in next.

Now some greenery on the left in the foreground, and the base colour for the nearest house. The general idea in oil painting is to block in the colours without any detail first. However I do tend to get carried away, so that hedge and fence may end up in the finished painting.

Western Boulevard

Here is another stage in my oil painting. The pavement was lovely to do. I used some of the sky colour and subtle greys lightly over the orange to get some lovely tones.

Western Boulevard

The lightness of the road is a bit of a shock after all the rich tones of blue and green. It’s a lovely Naples Yellow.

Western Boulevard

The large tree is a major feature in the painting. I added the dark colours on top of the orange, leaving a little of the background colour showing through. It is an autumnal scene so the warm orange will show through a little and give the painting harmony.