New Work

I have finally finished the painting of Steve.  Such a lot of other things get in the way of painting but I always get back to it.  I really can’t imagine life without  creating something.  I also like to write so the occasional poem finds it’s way onto my computer!

Here is the finished painting and the journey.  I got carried away at times and forgot to take the photographs.    I don’t usually start with the legs- I was painting in the Nottingham Society of Artists’ Gallery in Friar Lane, Nottingham, and didn’t feel quite confident enough to tackle the face while people were coming in to talk to me.

steve reading 5 final

Once I was happy with the figure, I turned my attention to the background again.  I didn’t like the way the double stripe took your eye out of the picture. Also I wanted to make more of the fact that he was sitting in a corner.

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This painting has been incubating in my brain since the Summer of 2016.  The room was an attic in the lovely French Village of Boulbon.  It was actually very cluttered but I was fascinated by the light bleaching out part of the figure, and in the end I reduced it to the essentials.