New Watercolour

One of my favourite views of Swansea Bay. This one looks out from Oystermouth Castle in the autumn towards Mumbles Head and the lighthouse. Often referred to as the Gateway to Gower it’s popularity has never waned since in Victorian times, a railway ran around the bay making it accessible for all.

New Watercolour

I have been inspired by my recent visit to Gower on the South Wales Coast. It’s my favourite place to visit as I spent many hours there painting the lovely scenery for the calendars and cards which I published while I lived in Swansea. I am working on another one. I’ll post it soon.

Swansea Bay looking towards the Mumbles

New Work

Now that all the planning has been done for the Attenborough, Beeston and Chilwell Art’s Trail, it’s time to get into the studio each day and

This Collage is a new work and is now on exhibition at the Nottingham Society of Artists’ Gallery in the Fellows exhibition. The exhibition finishes on Sunday 21st April so you may just have time to see it.

The Lady Sings

I like a challenge.

I am looking back through my print archives before I start a new season of painting.  A few images are mulling around in my head and I have been gathering a few blank canvases.

This watercolour of Swansea Marina was quite large and certainly took many hours to paint.

I am going down to Swansea soon and I will be getting more inspiration from beautiful Gower.


Charcoal drawings

I love drawing on a large scale with charcoal. You have to stand at an easel and act like a proper painter; standing back and lurching forward and waving your arm about. These two drawings arrived when I was doing just that. Classic FM on the radio helps as well.

Prints made to order.

Sometimes less is more!     072pier2I have discovered a really good printing company,.  They produce fabulous quality prints of archive quality.  The colours and clarity are so close to the originals,