Bracelet Bay


Another one of my calendar watercolurs.  This is available as a fine art print on archive paper made especially to order. See my website for detaiils of other prints.

The two limestone islets which form Mumbles Head mark the western end of Swansea Bay. A fossil coral reef can be seen in the centre portion of the Mumbles Head just below the rim of the cliffs.

The bay offers a dramatic view, especially when there is a strong wind and the incoming tide beats on the rocks to add excitement to the already spectacular scene.

The name Mumbles is said to have arisen due to the distinctive shape of the two islets, which seem to resemble breasts. ‘Mumbles’ could derive from the French mammelles or the Roman Mammulae.

The first lighthouse was built on the outer islet in 1793, where light to warn ships was generated by a fire at the top of the tower.

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