Gwalia Stores


Store owner William Llewellyn built this shop to develop his grocery business in Ogmore Vale, Mid Glamorgan in 1880. It was originally a small shop with a storeroom as part of Llewellyn’s House. He expanded it so that by 1912 it included the adjoining three houses making room for a bakery, ironmongery, drapery, chemist and gentlemen’s outfitters and even a section for animal feeds. It was closed in 1973 and re-erected in 1991 at the Museum of Welsh Life at St. Fagan’s, Cardiff. Many visitors will remember shops such as this, with their solid mahogany counters and shelves displaying a great range of goods. The very personal service given to the customers by the owners and attentive employees is often recalled with nostalgia. Members of the staff at Gwalia Stores slept on the premises and were paid around eight shillings for a week’s work. The shop is preserved as it would have been in the 1920s but now has a museum and a tea room above.

Copyright Rita Mitchell 2001

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